Law Firm Brand Identity & Web Design
Spiral Energy - Logo Design
Logo design for Spiral Energy. Their main area of expertise is utilizing sun power and other sources of green energy.
Edge Energy - Label Design
Label design for a new brand of energy drink.
Colostrum Supplement - Packaging Design
Packaging design for Colostrum supplements.
50th MOSI - Poster Design
This poster is created for 50th anniversary of intercity youth sports games. Poster went into final 10 proposals and was featured on exhibition in Prijepolje Cultural Center prior to games.
Caravan - App UI
Caravan is a new traveling app which helps people with similar interests and plans join and share expenses together.
iVue Rincon - App UI
Supporting app for iVue Rincon Camera Glasses. App has options to control camera, change settings and recording modes and to handle recorded media.
Miele All In One - App UI
This idea is developed for Miele's innovation contest. The task was future connection between kitchen appliances. Key part of idea is an iPhone app which controls most of kitchen appliances and interaction between them.
Raketu - Website UI
UI design of website for IT startup company.
Potty Bells - Website
Design of Potty Bells pet equipment eCommerce website.
Company Races - Website UI
Website design for a Swedish company. Full site here:
HR Shortlisting - App UI
Ui design for HR shortlisting app. App is operated in browser.
ODASCO - Website UI
Website design for company from Dubai.
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