Law Firm Brand Identity & Web Design
In 2017, LMN Law Group was opening their first office and saw the need to create branding and the website which will communicate to clients what a modern law firm is all about.
Home Surveillance App UI
RocorderGear established itself as one of the leaders in home surveillance equipment. With 200+ products they decided to create an app which will be able to connect and integrate all of their devices into one shared interface.
B Bliss Collagen - Packaging Design
Packaging design for Singapure cosmetic company.
Caravan - App UI
Caravan is a new traveling app which helps people with similar interests and plans join and share expenses together.
Raketu - Website UI
UI design of website for IT startup company.
iVue Rincon - App UI
Supporting app for iVue Rincon Camera Glasses. App has options to control camera, change settings and recording modes and to handle recorded media.
Edge Energy - Label Design
Label design for a new brand of energy drink.
4711 NouvEAU Cologne - Packaging Design
The new 4711 NouvEau Cologne refillable bottle is compact bottle suitable to be carried inside purse or even inner pockets of suite. Your favorite 4711 perfume can be always be with you and you don't even have to worry about emptying, because you can refill it at home. Packaging is imagined with two perfume containers: * Big one - the charger * Small one - the mobile perfume bottle Refilling is rather simple. You just put bottom of the small bottle in hole on big container's body. The valve will make connection and you can easily refill small bottle by pressing the blue button repeatedly.
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